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Personal Weapon Self Defense Emergency Alarm
Personal Weapon Self Defense Emergency Alarm
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  Personal Weapon Self Defense Emergency Alarm ~  

Protect yourself against Intruders/attackers~
Suitable for Joggers, elderly, disabled, night shift workers & people who live alone etc.

How to use: Pull off the hand strap to active alarm, to turn off the alarm, insert the hand strap to the plug.

Brand New • ( Loud • Safe • Stable)

Crime rates and attacks are definitely on the decrease in the world, and the reason may well be the introduction of some very effective personal alarms that are available today.

Modern technology means these attack alarms are proving to be a very effective method of disorientating a would be attacker with such high a volume, piercing sound that they almost overwhelm the situation.

There effectiveness has been proven to work in an attack situation, whether that be someone who is trying to steal from you, attack you or in a very worse case scenario, a rape attack.

It is almost impossible to get up close to a personal attack alarm once it is set off and it’s sounding out a piercing high volume ‘screech’.

Designed to get noticed.

These personal alarms are designed to produce a very high output sound level, and do this from an amazingly small unit – carried on your belt, neck chain or keyring, they are inconspicuous and are ergonomically designed for quick, easy activation when needed.

In the event of an attack, or even a suspected attack, the very last thing you want is to be unable to shout for help. But in a panicking and sudden adrenalin surged, frightened state many people find they are rendered  speechless. This is quite a common response to an attack.

A personal security alarm will, most definitely, break that silence, both shocking the would be attacker, and raising an alarm loud enough to get everyone’s attention.

In most cases the sudden high volume of the alarms piercing scream is more than enough to make the attacker run for the hills.

Main elements to an Attack Alarm:
    •    size & shape – the alarm has to relatively small
    •    Weight – the lighter the better
    •    Appearance – must be pleasing to the eye
    •    Ease of operation – one touch, one hand operation
    •    Battery life – long battery life is essential
    •    Volume – the louder the better
    •    Sound length – the alarm must sound for a while & cannot be disarmed during that time
    •    Multi function – hand operated, key chain operated, door operated, pull cord function



有人可能不理解报警器的具体的原理,我给大家解释一下,这种产品首要的作用不是发出声音报警获得救助,而是威慑作用,大家都听过一句话,做贼心虚,没错 的,只要是人在做坏事的时候都是心理发虚的,所以当有人要将罪恶之手伸向你的时候,突然响起高分贝的报警声音,他的第一反应是什么呢?肯定是跑的,所以这 才是报警器的主要原理,其次就是通过声音引起周围人的注意,获得救助!祝愿大家都平安


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Personal Weapon Self Defense Emergency Alarm
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Personal Weapon Self Defense Emergency Alarm
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