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Benefit Eyecon Brightening Eye Cream
Benefit Eyecon Brightening Eye Cream
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Benefit Eyecon Brightening Eye Cream ~

Brand New~ 7.5ml~

Finally, an eye cream that really fades dark circles and won't break the bank! Eye Con from Benefit is engineered with 'fading action' so your eyes will appear instantly brighter while softening the appearance of fine lines.

Benefit Eye Con is packed full of orange fruit extract which helps to stimulate microcirculation of the skin and alleviates dark circles while apple fruit extract softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Dark circles will be a thing of the past.

Directions of use:
* Apply day and night or anytime you like.

What it is formulated to do: "Just in case" you need a beauty refresher this kit contains our favorite one-hit wonders: Some Kind-A Gorgeous for flawless complexion: Benetint for rosy lips & cheeks; California Kissin' for a bright smile and minty breath; and let's not forget Eyecon for fading action day or night.
Infused with extracts of sweet almond and apple fruit this amazing eye treatment nourishes, smoothes, depuffs, and fades dark circles. Apply to the entire eye area day and night for youthful, bright eyes. 7.5ml Net wt. 0.09 oz

Brand New Made in France

★ Benefit 去黑眼圈眼霜 ★~

 黑眼圈的克星 ~

Eyecon 刺激皮肤的微循环,减轻黑眼圈。减少皱纹和滋养整个眼部周围的肌肤。 功能介绍: 黑眼圈的克星,含苹果、木瓜叶等植物精华, 褪去您眼下灰灰褐褐恼人的黑眼圈, 又能滋润双眼周围的肌肤,淡化眼部细纹。 使用方法:洁面后直接涂摸眼周,质地清爽,早晚都适用。 去黑眼圈 眼霜~(套装拆卖) 这个DD是benefit家新出的限量圣诞套装哦,如果你跟我一样喜欢benefit, 那么这件宝贝你绝对值得拥有。~~ 里面含有benefit最热销的DD全系列。哈哈

其实你拥有了这个套装,粉底,去黑眼圈,唇彩,腮红。基本的彩状你也全部拥有了。 对于不太会化妆的亲们都是特别好的选择, 这个连接是2.5G去黑眼圈眼霜的单个连接哦~~给喜欢尝试又不想买分装的亲!! 这个比正装还精致的! 而且这个圣诞才出的哦。所以绝对绝对新鲜十足.也 ~~~~~ 去黑眼圈效果十足,自己也很喜欢,而且绝对值得赞的是有效果!很显著! 口碑!!! ^________________^ 我给自己留了一套,爱死了.. 有问题欢迎询问哈。 HAPPY~~~NICE... 黑眼圈去除霜让你不再做小熊猫老牌热销品了,效果好,才入精品套装的啦! 这款眼霜是纯草本产品,由甜杏仁,日本山茶叶及苹果的萃取精华加工而成,能有效遮盖去除黑眼圈,修复眼周活力,具有令人惊异的效果,用官网的介绍就是IT'S REALLY WORK。不油腻,滋润保湿,使眼部肌肤柔滑细致,可以缓解眼部疲劳,这是Benefit家的新产品。 Benefit家的黑眼圈眼霜在美国卖得也是很发烧的商品哦!!!绝对是很多人期待已久的产品,是专门拯救熊猫眼的救星^_^


晚上睡前在眼睛四周涂上这款黑眼圈眼霜, 只要涂一点点就好咯!不用涂得太多,因为它是浓缩的精华萃取液,(早上起来不用洗掉)使用几天后会很惊喜地发现黑眼圈状况明显改善了,眼睛四周的肌肤变得滋润柔滑, 感觉年轻了许多! Benefit公司订货的小姐跟我说, 这个产品才一出来连她的好几个男性朋友都托她买这罐产品。真是连男性都挡不住这款黑眼圈眼霜的魅力呢

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 15 July, 2009.
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