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Infrared Breast Enhancement Body Massager *Bust
Infrared Breast Enhancement Body Massager *Bust
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Taiwan Hot Selling Product of
Intensive Infrared Breast Enhancement Body Massager

New Claim for breast & body firming
(Made in Taiwan Brand New)

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This product used the latest pure physical vacuum technology. It will absorb and desorption of your breast with effective pressure massage, gradually it enables blood vessels to dilate and promote blood circulation, strengthen body breast hormone secretion. And also it makes swollen breast, adipose tissue expansion, thickening chest muscle, promoting breast fullness, flexibility, prevention of breast cancer.

  1. There have been a number of studies and tests, no damage or risks have been found. Tension-induced growth has been used for over 30 years in other areas of the body, so the science on this is very solid. There are no side effects or health risks
  2. Follow the complete directions, there is no pain or discomfort when using the Breast Pump
  3. There are no known side effects, besides breast growth
  4. Using it longer and more often - does produce faster results. Pump to a comfortable pressure and hold that for 10 to 15 minutes on each breast twice a day. Do not over pump, if there is pain or discomfort then release the pressure
  5. Works on any breasts, the pump stretches the breast tissue over and over again. It is called soft tissue expansion. It is a lot like working out your muscles repeatedly

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Activation of cells can let the thigh, buttocks, abdomen and other parts of surplus fat massage to eliminate fat
  • The sucking and massaging action gets deep under your skin to help smooth and repair the cellulite, loose or dimple skin
  • Professionally removes unwanted cellulite, sagging skin, belly fat, and stretch marks in the comfort of your home
  • Dramatically improves the appearance of your legs, arms, buttocks, back and stomach without surgery or exercise
  • Let your breast fullness, firm breasts enhanced flexibility and full of youthful vitality
  • Accelerate the blood circulation of breast
  • Re-balance the endocrine disorder, prevent the breast lump
  • Get professional spa result at low cost


  • Breast dysplasia, flat-breast person
  • Breast feeding mothers and their children who breast-flat or intense exercise, resulting in relaxation of breast ptosis, external expansion person
  • Injection of needle withdrawal of milk, causing breast shrinkage or inverted nipple, breast deformation of person
  • Caused by improper bra breast compression deformation, were outside the expanding

Breast pumps are another method of enhancing breast size. The concept used is the same which is used to remove excess milk from the breasts of a lactating mother; however, these pumps are different in shape and structure.
Breast pumps consist of two cups attached to a vacuum generating device.
These cups are meant to be placed over the breast. Pressure is generated when the air is sucked out of the cups, due to the partial vacuum. This pressure enhances the blood circulation in the breasts.
Therefore, these pumps enhance the health of the tissues and ligaments within the breasts. Further, breast pumps help in flushing out any toxic materials that settle into the breasts from time to time.

Below are some frequently asked questions about breast enlargement pumps: 

How does the pump works?

The pump works by increasing and reshaping your own breast tissue through a process known as tissue expansion, which has been used by physicians for over 30 years in various reconstructive procedures. It applies gentle, sustained tension on your breasts, which causes cells to replicate and produce new breast tissue.

How safe is it?

It has been found to be both safe and effective in enlarging breast tissue. In fact in clinical studies, skin reactions to the product were the only adverse effects reported.

What kind of results can I expect to see with a breast enlargement pump? 

Each individual has their own increase potential, but 1-2 cup sizes can be achieved.

Does the treatment hurt? 

There was a similar, but greatly inferior, device that was sold in the 1970's. This device was a foot operated pump that came with no instructions. Women were apparently over-pumping and creating too much suction trying to increase their breast size overnight. Look for pump that comes with complete instructions detailing exactly how much pressure to use, how often, etc.
Also, some pump's mechanism is designed to allow only so much suction to be created. So the answer is "NO". If used as directed there is absolutely no discomfort and no chance for injury.

How often do I have to do the treatments to get the best results? 

Usually, 15-minute sessions on each breast twice a day is recommended by most product manufacturers. Of course the system is designed such that the more times you use it the better your results will be.

Are there any permanent side effects? 
There are no known adverse side effects.

Are there any temporary side effects? 

There may be a slight to heavy skin discoloration that is similar to a hickey. This is common in the beginning with most users but for most users this goes away within 30 days of use. (If you want to see an example of how this will look you can suck on your arm for 5 minutes and look at the skin discoloration, notice how long it will take for it to clear up).

Does Breast Pump work on males and females?

It should works on any breasts. As the pump stretches the breast tissue over and over again (soft tissue expansion), it is a lot like working out your muscles repeatedly.

Can I pump my breast until it goes to the end of the chamber?

You can pump as far as you feel comfortable.

If I quit using the pump at the point where the size is what I like, do the effects diminish afterwards, or are they there for good? 

For all intended purposes the long-term results are usually permanent.

Does using the pumps actually keep the breast firm?

The process helps to maintain fullness, but it cannot make up for your individual biological make up or Mother Nature's gravity effect. Remember larger breasts are heavier and project (perky) less than tiny breasts. But you will be much firmer using the pump than without.

I would like to know if this product works on women who already have implants.

It is usually not advisable.


  • 12-18 years old (breast development): helping breasts be fully developed
  • 19-28 years old (breast slow period): adjustment function of the breast to enhance breast growth
  • 29-38 years old (breast stagnation): activation of breast tissue, so that the breast toward vibrant, full, firm and flexibility
  • Above 39 years old: (breast recession): prevention of breast organizational function degradation and atrophy of lesions, implementation of functional reconstruction of the breast
  • The Intensive Breast Enhancer has been checked before sending.

  • Please be reminded that no charging is recommended, it causes breakage easily for over-charging.

  • It is recommended that you use, pump and charge at the same time. DON'T charge for non-usage.

  • Pump to a comfortable pressure and hold that for 20 minutes and rest for the next 15 minutes. Do not over pump for more than 30 minutes.

  • Remain the cup connected to the body, no need to take it out in order to protect the plastic cup.

  • In the box: 1 massager, 1 big cup, 1 small cup, 1 manual & 1 charger

丰胸 吸脂器 是台湾注册牌子

您是否幻想过如果能够让平坦或塌陷的乳房丰满起来 那该有多么美好 火辣辣丰胸吸脂器是拥有傲人上围的秘密武器 带给您梦寐以求的丰满效果 它利用最新渐进式的气压交互吸放作用 对乳房进行温和而有效的气压按摩 让以前平坦的乳房逐渐丰满起来 每次使用 效果立竿见影 最短十几天后 便可拥有让人嫉妒、上挺、托高的迷人曲线 使用完后 乳房不但又热又胀 而且可持续整个晚上 让您感受乳房再次发育 每天渐渐长大的欣喜效果

台湾注册產品: 本產品并非一般市场所发售的震动或超音波按摩器,它是非常柔顺及轻鬆、毫无伤害的丰胸吸脂器,借由吸力的牵引及收放,轻盈柔顺的按摩妳的胸部,使妳的胸部深表层确实达到运动及养份的吸收功效。

目前在台湾电视购物频道的热门產品,深受小姐、女士们垂爱每天使用20 -30分鐘借由吸力的牵引及收放轻盈柔顺地按摩您的胸部,使您的胸部深层达到运动及更佳的养分吸收,临床实验最快可5天增大1吋,最慢亦只是12天.

美国多位丰胸专家, 透过多年时间不断做临床实验而研发,集合欧美顶尖丰胸仪器之优点,採用全真空技术,将腋下周围脂肪,集中在胸部;同时透过渐进式气压,產生交互吸放的频 率,加促血液在乳房四处循环.与一般大型丰胸仪器比较,火辣辣丰胸器不单只纤巧易用,而且绝不会產生辐射,不会对乳房有副作用;而且不经其他人手,妳可全 完掌握吸力的大少,更可带去不同地方使用,绝对係新一代最有效的家用丰胸器。

胸部瞬间升CUP起效过程火辣辣丰胸器採用全真空吸杯,当通上电流,便会產生高超物理气压作用,真空吸杯会紧贴乳房,透过吸力,将乳房四周的脂肪再次集中 於乳房,促进整个乳房的血液循环,令紧接著乳头和乳房细胞的输送管再次活跃,令女性荷尔蒙自然增新,并即时唤醒乳房内的乳叶及细胞,令乳房再次提升。


12 - 18 歲少女 (乳房發育期),幫助乳房得到充分的發育。

19 - 28 歲成年 (乳房緩慢期),調整乳房成長機能加強乳房再發育。

29 - 38 歲中年 (乳房停滯期),活化乳房細胞組織,讓乳房朝向年輕活力、豐滿、結實挺進。

39 歲以上更年 (乳房衰退期),防止乳房外型及組織功功退化,萎縮、病變,實施乳房機能重建。

★ 做过胸部手术及乳房有病变, 妊娠期, 哺乳期不适用该產品 ★




胸 部瞬间升CUP起效过程火辣辣丰胸器採用全真空吸杯,当通上电流,便会產生高超物理气压作用,真空吸杯会紧贴乳房,透过吸力,将乳房四周的脂肪再次集中於 乳房,促进整个乳房的血液循环,令紧接著乳头和乳房细胞的输送管再次活跃,令女性荷尔蒙自然增新,并即时唤醒乳房内的乳叶及细胞,令乳房再次提升。




★★ 使用前先沐浴,让胸部肌肤充分乾净,再涂上丰胸按摩膏使用 , 效果最好 ★★

1. 将吸杯连接的一端 , 与主机结合 , 顺时针转45度 , 勿过份用力
2. 将真空吸杯紧贴乳房 , 确保乳房四边没有空隙 . 如发现未能紧贴乳房 . 可用粉红色胶圈套在真空吸杯 的边缘
3. 上下调节(G),选择最适合妳的吸力
4. 此时感觉应是一放一收,这是对丰胸过程的最佳状况
5. 每边乳房大约使用20-30分鐘
6. 用双手轻轻按摩乳房 , 每边循环按摩10-20秒 (此步骤最好配合外用的丰胸產品, 增大情况会更可观)

每盒丰胸器包主机、大小吸盘 , Changer & 说明书

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T & C:

  • FREE normal postage (for Singapore & Malaysia), or add S$3 for registered mail
  • All sales are final & no refunds & no exchange
  • For Singapore payment by POSB/UOB/OCBC fund transfer only
  • For Malaysia payment by Maybank fund transfer only
  • Payment if made by Paypal: additional 5% of total amount for Paypal charges
  • No meet-ups. Buyer have to complete the payment within 3 days
  • We do ship to worldwide
  • We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for any lost/damaged mail using NORMAL POSTAGE
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Infrared Breast Enhancement Body Massager *Bust
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Infrared Breast Enhancement Body Massager *Bust
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Infrared Breast Enhancement Body Massager *Bust
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