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Genuine 2B Alternative Into Arm & Body Slimming Gel 10ml
Genuine 2B Alternative Into Arm & Body Slimming Gel 10ml
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Genuine 2B Alternative Into Arm & Body Slimming Gel~


Brand New  10ml (travel size)

2B uses a new Heat Deep Penetrating (HDP) formula activates EGF, HCA, Caffeine and Liporeductyl to reach fat cell as well cut it fast by a high speed burning, a effect much stronger than any fat burn machine does. Thus, remove the stubborn fat, find back your waist, and farewell to your bye-bye muscle.

AH3 - Knockouts "bye-bye muscle"
AH3 is one of the most shinning element, which developed as the highest effective injection-free ingredient on targeted body region slimming. The concentrated AH3 used in 2B is highly effective in tightening fat arms and waist muscle inch by inch, day by day, so not only stops sagging, also knockouts your bye-bye muscle, and further reduces the cellulite. It achieves an anti-winkle perfect slimming result.

EGF - Helps shaped body never retrieve
EGF is famous for its Double Refining System: Medical caring skin refining and Skin reconstruction refining, which originally made use in medical to speed up metabolism and refine burned skin. Now, combine Hyaluronic Acid into body on-shape building, ensure the body and waist stay slimming even months after successful treatments.

No Skin Irritation
In past, body purifying products mainly used Chili or ginger extras. However, 2B are based on the Heat Deep Penetrating (HDP) formula, which can be facilitated when skin adsorbing through Micro water molecule, so penetration can get much deeper and effect comes the strongest and fastest. Unlike Chili or ginger extract, it causes no skin irritation.

Aroma Therapy in detoxifying
Green Tea Extract is specially added into the ingredient, by applying it with a massage around your lower abdomen, can help better absorption and helps digestion for a purifying result, that can get rid of one of the main problem inside waist and arms.

Micro water molecule - G2
2B is always more professional than any products in the field of body slimming, as it has enhanced its water molecule *G2, by applying it, your skin even can feel absorption and warmth onto a deeper level. The smaller molecule will never make you feel stickiness on skin. You not only feel good, but also slim your arms and body at best statues.

HDP effect
Heat Deep Penetrating (HDP) effect make you feel warmth after applying 3 to 5 minutes. The Heat can be adjusted by the volume applied on which should be the best suit you. If feeling uncomfortable, please wash it off and consult with doctor.

How to use it
Fully dry your body after shower and apply 2B into your waist and arms. For your waist, gently massage from lower waist and up for 3 minutes. For your arms, gently massage from your shoulder to your palm for 2 to 3 minutes until fully absorb.

1.Do not use on any skin injury part.
2.For sensitive skin type, please test on small area first. And do not apply in the facial and breast part.
3.Only for external use. Please keep out the reach of children.
4.If any sensitive reaction occurs, please stop using it and seek for medical advice.
5.This product can conserve for 2 years under completely sealed. But once unseal, please use within 6 months in order to keep it at the best active statue.
6.This product contains high concentration of herbal extract, pregnant women are not recommended to use.


I tried that for a week on my arms and tummy and the results are just amazing!
A Lam, Aberdeen, 2009-12-10
My arm is more tighter than 3 weeks ago

Jennifer , Auckland, 2009-11-12

Love this product. Does work but you still need to work out. Tightens and tones, and you will feel the burn. Good buy and will buy again.

Liz, Christchurch, 2009-10-28

 Good for me
I like this not for the slim effect but my bowels are always open. I need more to see the slim results. Overall is a great product

Flora , Dongguan, 2009-10-20

 Like the heat
I've been using 2B arm and body for about two weeks now and the skin on my arms and tummy feel tighter than before. I really like the hot feeling after applying!

YUAN ZHOU, Glen Huntly, 2009-10-12

I love this product. It is not sticky and can be fully absorbed by my skin. After applying the product. my arm and waist area feel strong fat burning sensation which last for a quite satisfactory time period.
Vivi, Canada, 2009-09-14

Very effective....heard they are No.1 Selling slimming products in HK Mannings......
My mum and friends got use.... very firm.



深層燃脂精華,以EGF、HCA、咖啡因及liporeductyl等成份組 合而成,能加速代謝熱能,令代謝速度不斷提升,並可深入腰部脂肪層,促進腰內脂肪循環消耗,並阻止新脂肪合成,達到真正燃脂減腰腩功效,效果真係勁過做機 減肥。

AH3類肉毒桿菌毋須注射,為市面最有效外用瘦身元素,而2B減腰、減臂配方,採用高濃 度AH3,能每日收緊肌肉組織,深入皮膚底層,激活及暢通淋巴管道,防止手臂肉下墜,有效幫妳趕走拜拜肉,並由於其獨有緊膚效能,令妳瘦身之餘唔會出現橙 皮紋,達致完美瘦身效果。

2B使用09年激新研發"深層燃脂精華",免除舊式產品只以辣椒、薑等箤取物促進發熱,未能 真正達致溶脂效果,"深層燃脂精華"會隨水份滲入肌膚才產生熱力,使脂肪消耗,達到深層燃脂效果,並可減少因辣椒素所產生的敏感和容易灼傷皮膚等問題。

EGF在醫學上,對促進燒傷者皮膚代謝有絕對性功效,廣為醫生所使用,而EGF對減肥者而 言,加速代謝能使脂肪循環消耗,再配合透明質酸,可使瘦身後的身型更結實和穩定,纖腰後不易反彈,絕對做到定型塑身的效果。

特別加入綠茶香薰精華,晚上於小腹上使用,配合打圈按摩手法,熱力會使香薰精華慢慢滲入,剌 激大腸蠕動,促進排毒作用,而香薰精華亦能有效去除腰及手臂的水腫問題。

2B比其它產品更專業、更優勝,全因2B對產品全力追求完美之精神,其第一代超微細水份 子,大受用家好評,最新09年超微細水份子G2,份子更幼細,更易被皮膚吸收,令熱力能深入脂肪層,而且用完唔會黐漉漉,感覺清爽舒服。


Product of USA

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