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2B Alternative For Leg Slimming Cream
2B Alternative For Leg Slimming Cream
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  2B Alternative For Leg Slimming Cream~ 

100% Genuine~ with original packaging 80ml~


2B Alternative is actually designed for relaxing the lower leg muscles. However, in order to achieve the best effectiveness of the 2B Alternative, we have to be careful of the different body types which different people have. The body condition can be divided into 2 different types: muscular type, and dropsy type. The 2B Alternative can bring relief to muscle and shaping body lines, can enhance the metabolism, and burn extra body fats.

For Muscular type: Argireline solution can relax the muscle tension which can help the skin elastic and smooth out the body lines and decrease the development of fine wrinkle, it can carry away the fatty cells that have being metabolized. Caffeine can also help the blood circulation and metabolism which help to burn the extra body fat and help fat metabolism.

For dropsy type: Guarana Extract and caffeine can enhance the blood circulation and metabolism. Caffeine also has the diuretic function which will help body to get rid of extra water content inside the body.


2B For Leg applies solution specifically target to leg muscle which relaxes the muscle tension and allows the muscle fiber to
becomes its original smoothness, that constitutes as the most effective solution for lower legs.
Besides, it includes Guarana Extract and Caffeine, which enhances the diuretic function that can helo body to get rip of extra water,
which is the main precise target to dropsy problem , which also proved to reduce effectively.

Europian Ingredient

2B For Leg adapts the ingredient which originated from Europe (Spain), as the most effective solution for muscle firming, within one month.
the muscle of leg can be effciently reduced around 1cm. The further advantage is it needs no injection that enhances the slimming result of
leg muscle, which can be reduced naturally. Then it also improves the activation of body cell, and can have the best effect for fat burning.
Thus, the moisturization on skin surface can be mantained, allow the skin supple, elastic and anti-winkly smooth.

Not Sticky

As the high density water-soluble ingredients adapted on 2B for Legs grants a very high permission power.
After applying, it needs no further massage, as the essence will melt like snow on skin surface, which enhances 100% absorption ability,
so enable its ingredient apply at its maximum effectiveness, and absolutely no sticky.

How to Use:

Continuously use for about 2~4 weeks, you can feel the improvement of skin elastic tissue and also the firmness of your skin surface. Also, it can achieve a better body shape and lines.

More Info:

Main Function Ingredients Introduction:

Argireline Solution: Special Acetyl Hexapeptide help to release muscle tension and enhanced the firmness of the skin.

Menthol Essence: The cooling and softening effect will bring the relaxation and claming of the tense body condition.

Guarana Extract: Improving the activation of body cells which can increase skin surface's elastic and prevents the orange peel skin to develop.

Hyaluronic Acid: The most effective hydrating material which can maintain the large amount of moisture molecules under our skin surface and provide enough hydration and moisturization.

Caffeine: Enhanced the body metabolism and blood circulation which gives a good effect on burning fat cells.

Lavender Essence: Provide relaxation to body and release tension.

1. Do not use on any skin injury part.
2. For sensitive skin type, please test on small area first to find out any sensitive reaction occurs.
3. For external use only and please keep out the reach of children.
4. When using the slimming gel, please keep out the facial part and breast part. If any sensitive reaction occurs, please stop using it and seek for medical advice.
5. This product can conserve for 2 years with completely seal. But after unsealing, please finish using the product in 6 months in order to keep its best quality.
6. This product contains high concentration of herbal extract, pregnant women are not recommend using this product.

Disclaimer >>
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

2B Alternative 的主要成份类肉毒杆菌元素,由于功效显著,以往皆被欧美品牌争相采用,但两年前售价往往要过千元一支,而自上年日本将技术普及后,类肉毒杆菌价格亦相应下降。

2B Alternative 速瘦易小腿霜主要是针对小腿肌肉而设计的产品,对不同的腿型困扰,如水肿型及肌肉型小腿,有明显曲线回复的效果,其中所含的瓜拿那与咖啡因,对于促进新陈代谢、脂肪代谢也有相当的帮助,至令小腿或甚至是大腿的曲线同样有很好的效果。

针对肌肉型的主要作用:类肉毒杆菌可阻断神经性讯号,令肌肉达致某种程度上的收缩,使肌肤弹性组织回复柔顺平滑的线条。另外,2B Alternative 中含有的玻尿酸,有保持皮肤弹性的功能,对皮肤组织具有保湿润滑作用,及可减少细纹。


一般连续使用2B Alternative 约2-4星期,可感觉肌肤弹性组织明显回复,腿部线条柔顺平滑。使用8星期,2B Alternative 的类肉毒杆菌元素,更可令你重塑小腿线条,重现曲线美。


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2B Alternative For Leg Slimming Cream
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2B Alternative For Leg Slimming Cream
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