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100% Natural India Henna Tattoo Body Art Cone
100% Natural India Henna Tattoo Body Art Cone
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  100% Natural India Henna Tattoo Body Art Cone ~  Brand New ~ 40g per cone

HENNA MEHENDI TATTOO CONES are made from pure henna mixed with special herbs & oils like eucalyptus oil to give darker color no chemicals are used.
  • Perfect choice for marriage and other festive occasion.
  • Pointed tip to help you achieve nice and smooth curves and even flow of henna
Traditional Beauty in an innovative way.
Popularized by artists, actors, fashion models and musicians~
Henna is all natural, safe, temporary and painless - a unique way to decorate your personality, spirit and body with henna art symbols. Can paint on hand, back, neck, chest, waist, legs, and on other  skin area~

How to use:
1. Before application, wash the body parts with soap.
2. After application, wait till it dries then remove henna with tissue or towel.
3. Apply any skin cream or oil on decorated parts and wait half an hour.
4. Finally wash with plain water, avoid using soap to prevent fadeness.

What is the effect after the color? dark brown, dark coffee brown.

1 Make sure hands are clean. To remove excess oil or lotion from the skin, swab the area with rubbing alcohol. Remove the cotton thread before painting.

2 Apply! Make sure the henna is all touching the skin over hairs, and that all larger areas are fully filled in.

3 Leave on the skin for as long as possible, keeping the area as warm as possible. Be gentle, try not to remove the henna ! You can gently squeeze out small amounts of the liquid from the cotton swab onto our hand.

4 Allow to darken. The henna will fall off on its own. Keep it out of water for as long as possible to allow it to darken (keep it dry for 12 hours after paste removal if possible, then apply a non-petroleum based water barrier such as Burt's Bees lip balm, olive oil or cooking oil over the design before bathing or showering for the next few days. This will help protect the design.) The starting color will be pumpkin orange and will darken over the next day or two to its final color.

5 Seal your henna before it falls off, as most henna designs need to stay on the skin 4-8 hours. You can wrap the design in tissue or paper tape to hold heat in. If you're cold-natured or in a cold place, wrap your henna in toilet paper, then saran wrap and leave it overnight.

6 To further darken the color, apply oil on the design after you have removed the dried henna. Reapplying oil on the hand throughout the day will further darken the color, and will also protect the color from water. also applying oil for long periods of time over a fresh stain can actually inhibit the darkening process (as it darkens by oxidizing) and speed exfoliation, which shortens the life of the stain. Oil should only be applied before showering and should be gently blotted off (pat gently with towel after bathing, don't rub!).

  • If you get a rash, itching, blistering, or flu-like symptoms, get to a doctor and tell them you had a chemical applied on your skin.
  • Henna stains clothes. Be careful when you use it.
  • Natural henna is very safe, but should not be used on people who have compromised liver function, G-6PD syndrome, or allergies to asprin, fava beans or mothballs as it can cause a hemolitic reaction. It should also not be used on children under 6, especially if they have had jaundice.

  • The night you get your henna, you can wrap your hands in plastic bags, but don't forget to rub them with olive oil and lemon juice. Keep the bags on when you sleep, and it will be much darker in the morning.
  • Hot, humid summer days are the perfect time to apply henna. So, take advantage of those days.
  • After the henna dries off, dont wash it off with water immediately, remove it by rubbing your hands together, then apply a bit of oil and rub it in, it is best as it gives a sort of shine to the henna and also moisturizes the hand. then wash it off only with water. dont use soap on hand for about an hour, till, the colour sets in.

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100% Natural India Henna Tattoo Body Art Cone
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